De-icer & Salting

When you search for a de-icer/salting company, there are dozens to choose from, each with their own prices and reviews. You just want to know which one will be best for your situation. In the winter months, many companies offer shoveling and de-icing /salting services. Shovel The Snow performs a wide variety of snow removal services from large sidewalks to small driveways. There are a lot of different ways to de-ice /salt in the winter time. Some people prefer to use a shovel while others may use a snowblower or a plow truck. Our company provides all three options with reasonable rates and excellent customer service.

Our team provides:

  • Machine & manual de-icer
  • Ice removal
  • Sidewalk & lot salting
  • Snowblowing

We will remove the snow and provide complete salting services for your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. The sidewalks and streets become slick and icy when precipitation falls, and this salt helps to reduce the risk of accidents. Salt is an essential resource for all winter seasons. The average person walks about 8,000 miles throughout their lifetime, which means the average adult spends about 3 days walking per year on a sidewalk. That’s where salt comes in. Salt can be used to keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow to make it safer for people to walk on them. A sidewalk salting service is important for those who live in communities that receive heavy snowfall or icy conditions during the winter season.

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